Cherry Hill FC Recreation Soccer

Come Out and Play With Cherry Hill FC!

Fall 2022 Recreation Program

Cherry Hill FC offers a successful recreational soccer program that provides a fun learning and playing environment for players of all skill levels.

We offer coed teams for our youngest players and single-sex divisions for players ages 4 years and older.

*Spring games will be played on Sundays at the DeCou sports complex*

*Season Dates - September 10 - October 29*

Recreation Program Fees

Online registration > HERE

Early Registration Fees

Tots (U4 2019) - $100

U5 2018 - $110

U6 2017 - $110

U7 2016 - $125

U8 2015 - $125

U9 2014 - $125

U10 2013 - $125

U11 2012 - $125

U12 2011 - $125

U13 2010 - $125

U14 2009 - $125

*U15 2008 - $125

High School - $115

Register by July 17th for $10 discount off Regular Registration Fee

*Recreation program fees are non-refundable.

CHFC Refund Policy can be found here

The 4th and 5th children in a family play for 1/2 of the player fee of the youngest player, but must be signed up on-line.

All players' names in the family and their dates of birth must be emailed to the Director of Registration.

Enter family name followed  "4+family discount" in the subject line.  CHFC will process the partial refund.

*Special Notes for Recreation Players and Parents*

*To update an incorrect birth date, email the Director of Recreation.

 *U7-U8 potentially play both home and away Saturday games.  U9 through U14 play Friday Night Lights and Saturday home and away games.  

High school teams play in a local league with a varied schedule.  

*Please note, although we accept and attempt to honor requests for team and coach placements, the Club cannot promise to honor all requests.  

Last-minute requests, in particular those made after 8/1 are difficult to honor.  Please place all requests in the notes section on the registration page.  

 *If your player requires a less common jersey size, please include this request in the notes section as well.  


Resources and Links

Fall Rec Schedules

Tots-U7/U8 Schedule

U9-U11 Schedule

U12-14 Schedule

Recreation Field Map

Rec Division Coordinators

Rec Training Schedule

CHFC Rec Refund Policy (Spring '22)

Recreation Rules by age group:


U9-U11 Age Groups

U7-U8 Age Groups

U5-U6 Age Group


Spring 2022 Game Times

(subject to change based on registration needs)

U4 (2018) - 11:00am-11:50am

U5/U6 Girls (2017/2016) - 11:00am-11:50am

U5/U6 Boys (2017/2016) - 11:00am-11:50am

U7/U8 Boys (2015/2014) - 12:00pm-1:00pm

U7/U8 Girls (2015/2014) - 1:10pm-2:10pm

*U9-U11 Girls (2013-2011) - 2:20pm-3:35pm

*U9-U11 Boys (2013-2011) - 3:45pm-5:00pm

*U12-U15 Boys (2010-2007) - 2:20pm-3:35pm

*U12-U15 Girls (2010-2007) - 3:45pm-5:00pm

HS Boys/Girls - schedule will come directly from coaches


*Spring games will be played on Sundays at the DeCou sports complex.

*Season Dates - March 20th-May 22nd