Striker/Keeper Camp, led by Emily Caracciolo and Ernest Inneh, is a unique advantage for players to experience position-specific training
and improve their positional technique and tactical understanding. Our training program is designed to develop natural habits through
learning by repetition.

Striker / Goalkeeper Camp

Monday through Thursday.

July 18-21st, 2022 (9-11 am) or August 8-11th, 2022 (6-8 pm)

Ages: U8 – 16, Boys and Girls

Cost: $125 per player per week


Our striker/goalkeeper camp will allow players to enhance their technical skills and tactical awareness in front of goal.

Striker center – Shooting technique, placement shooting, 1v1s, finishing off a cross, heading, volleys, playing with your back to
gal, near and far post runs

Goalkeeper center – Shot stopping, ball handling, diving technique, 1v1s, dealing with crosses, distribution, footwork.