Please view the following message from the Joarder Family and enjoy these coupons compliments of our sponsor, Domino’s!

“What does soccer and Domino’s have in common—team work, hustle and goals!”
Says Roman Joarder, from FC’s 2010 Fuego. “Domino’s likes to win customers and I
like to win games! Roman Joarder and his family are very proud to be Domino’s
sponsors for CHFC for the 3rd year running. “I was born with pizza sauce in my veins
and soccer cleats on my feet,” Roman laughs. This is Roman’s 4th year with FC. “My
Dad is a Domino’s Franchisee in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, so one day I asked him
if we could sponsor my team, I thought it was a good match!” Team Joarder is
honored to be part of Cherry Hill Football Club. Seeing all the FC players wearing the
Domino’s logo has been inspiring for the company. “This has been a tough year for the
world,” says Roman, “Soccer has been a slice of happiness for my family and me!”