Spring 2017 Schedule

Spring 2017 Rec Schedule

Spring 2017 schedule > HERE

Game Dates: Spring games played on Sundays.


Game Times

Tots: 1:10-2:00

Rookie/Junior Boys: 12:15-1:05*

Rookie/Junior Girls: 12:15-1:05

Grade 1/2 Boys: 1:10-2:10

Grade 1/2 Girls: 2:15-3:15

Grade 3/4 Boys: 3:30-4:45*

Grade 3/4 Girls: 3:30-4:45*

Grade 5/8 Boys: 5:00-6:15*

Grade 5/8 Girls: 5:00-6:15*

High School Boys and Girls information and schedules will come directly from your coaches.

*       Please note that Rookie and Junior Boys have been combined into a single division.

*Grades 3/4 and 5/8 may have games at additional times and locations due to interleague play and field availability



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